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The CORE Platform

Integrating data from multiple sources requires a flexible and capable model for tying it all together and making sense of it. CORE employs a sophisticated 4D ontology to index your data and a knowledge graph to tie it all together. And because it enforces policy-driven access control and fine grain data labelling across the platform, it maximises openness while remaining secure.


Explore CORE – the end-to-end-secure data platform. Taking care of every stage of integration from Ingestion through to Exploitation.


Data from multiple sources register with the CORE catalog. Data can be ingested through scheduled processes (batch) or in near real time reaction to events in operational systems (change data capture).


All data entering the platform is labelled – for access control but also with meta-data and retention requirements.


CORE is built around an open standard ontology – data entering the platform is mapped to this standard before storage.


We index the data for search, as a knowledge graph, and in a geo index. Each index stores the data labels alongside the data at a very fine-grain level.


Data is redacted before it goes through the APIs or query endpoints, but only the data elements the user is not allowed to see, securely maximising discoverability and openness.


  • CORE enables fine-grain label-based security (attribute-based access control).
  • Maximises the sharing of data while still enforcing strict access control rules.
  • Able to deal with next-generation access control requirements around user location, network used, etc.


  • CORE is free, open-source software and implements open data standards throughout.
  • CORE enables your data to be accessed immediately and securely through modern APIs.
  • Liberate your data’s potential securely across trust boundaries with our federator.


  • Built to zero-trust principles, deployable on-premises or in the cloud.
  • CORE takes care of your observability requirements with OpenTelemetry throughout.
  • No need to worry about compliance. CORE maintains data provenance and logs all data movements and access.

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It’s time to realise your data ambition at pace and scale.

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CORE is free, open-source software. Telicent also provides supported versions of the platform with additional features and applications.

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Your CORE Advantage

The foundational technology for the modern enterprise.

CORE - securely open, flexibly opinionated - CORE

Get Your Data in Shape for Machine or Human Exploitation

To get the best results from modern analytics and to train your machine learning apps or automation systems of the future, your data needs to be clean, resolved and standardised. CORE provides all the tooling you need to ingest, cleanse, link, and standardise your data for human or machine exploitation regardless of source or format.

CORE - securely open, flexibly opinionated - CORE

Accelerate Secure Collaboration

CORE creates a secure, connected data ecosystem that enables insight workflows and knowledge sharing. Our securely open approach means that you can collaborate with confidence, operate across trust boundaries and security domains, and work with partners of your choice securely through our off-the-shelf apps or via your own apps built on top of our APIs and query endpoints.

CORE - securely open, flexibly opinionated - CORE

Achieve Interoperability and Maximise Discoverability

CORE implements standard ontologies designed for interoperability. This enables clear and unambiguous interpretation and ensures that your data is high quality, discoverable and accessible at speed and scale. You can choose to leave your data where it is while CORE acts as a semantic layer across your estate, or you can selectively migrate the data into CORE, facilitating the retirement of legacy systems and getting older data into shape for modern ML and AI applications.

CORE - securely open, flexibly opinionated - CORE

Accelerate Innovation and Minimise Risk with CORE.

CORE enables you to test out new ideas and approaches with your own data securely and in near-real-time. Instead of lengthy design and development programmes you can get started quickly and start to show your users the art of the possible. Start small and scale with a composable architecture and adaptable ontology. And because it is easy to build on top of CORE you and your partners can develop new applications as opportunities arise and your need evolves.


Deploy Day One

CORE ships with a baseline data architecture and ontology so you can get started with your data from day one.

Our ingest pipeline, and even the ontology are flexible and extensible so can adapt as your users start to understand the art of the possible.


Deploy Anywhere

In the cloud or on-premises, CORE uses industry-standard container infrastructure

CORE supports the open telemetry standard to report the performance and status of all the components, so engineers get all the logging they need.

Apps To Get You Going

Because CORE standardises all your knowledge using the 4D ontology, its easy run your own custom applications on top giving you the freedom to analyse and visualise according to your business need. This can include custom analytics tools, visualization applications, machine learning models, or any other specialized applications. But to get you started we have built a number of out-of-the-box applications: