Telicent selected for AWS Europe Defence Accelerator

Telicent selected for AWS Europe Defence Accelerator - securely open, flexibly opinionated - Telicent selected for AWS Europe Defence Accelerator

We are excited to be one of 13 companies selected to participate in the AWS Europe Defence Accelerator in collaboration with Plexal. Each company is developing solutions to help the European Defence industry enhance its mission-critical resilience. 

The accelerator program, set to commence in Autumn 2023, spans four weeks and offers technical, business, and mentorship guidance. It is designed to bridge the gap between startups and the defence and national security organizations across Europe, providing participants with AWS computing credits, specialized AWS training, mentoring, business development advice, and investment guidance.

Telicent, based in London, UK, is recognized for its end-to-end-secure data platform, Telicent CORE. This platform, underpinned by a cutting-edge (4D) ontology, empowers our clients to harness their most valuable data assets, unlocking transformative business value and fostering modern innovation strategies.

We are committed to leveraging this opportunity to further enhance our offerings and contribute to the European Defence industry’s advancements.